Hi I'm jo

Why Doula Work?

My name is Jordan Klein, I'm a child of God, a wife, a mother, and I’m a Certified Birth Doula through the International Doula Institute. 

Ultimately, I realized the importance of doula care while I was going through my first pregnancy, and craved someone to hold my hand and offer support and insight.

I'm here to hold space, be a guide to support partners as they witness and participate in a life-changing event, and help women realize how strong and amazing they are.

About Me

I grew up watching strong women have babies all around me. Luckily I was raised in a large family, where cousins acted more like siblings and aunts and uncles were the most trustworthy and interesting people you’d ever met. I currently live in Mid-Michigan in the house my husband bought before we got married with our 1-year-old son. It's a cute little neighborhood near downtown, and the houses are all custom built from the 1930s. My husband and I are both close with our families, and I still think they’re some of the most trustworthy and interesting people I’ve ever met. 

When I was 3-years-old I picked up a snake that was slithering across our driveway with the intention of taking care of it and helping this poor little snake find its home. The snake was less than enthused with me, but a switch was flipped inside of me that hasn't been shut off to this day. I love taking care of things. Now I take care of more expecting mothers and their partners, and less snakes. I still love taking care of animals! I have two cats; Betty and Carol. They're technically still kittens, but they've already adopted the old-lady personalities their names suggest. I rescued both of them at 4-weeks-old when their mother had a litter in a friend's shed and then passed away. Caring for such tiny kittens was difficult, but so rewarding. Because they didn't get a lot of education from their mother, they're a little strange. Sometimes I suspect they don't know they're cats.

I absolutely love reading, which I'm thankful to my parents for instilling in me from a young age. I also enjoy knitting, crochet, random Pinterest crafts I always seem to mess up, and learning to bake new things. “Parks and Recreation” is almost always on in the background at our house, and my son loves to dance to the main theme song.